Xyron 250 Create A Sticker

Xyron 250 Create-a-Sticker. Make permanent stickers up to 2" wide. Sticker Maker Machine comes preloaded with 15 feet adhesive, two and a half inches wide. Also known as a Stickerizer.

  • Xyron 250
  • Starter Adhesive Cartridge Just right for kids and creative grown ups. Removable Adhesive and additional repositionable or permanent adhesive 250 refills are also available. Machine color may vary from time to time.

    XRN250Reg : $19.95Friend Pricing: $17.99, 2/$30.00

  • Click to enlargeXyron 250 Refill Cartridge - Permanent - AT255-20Xyron 250 Sticker maker basic adhesive cartridge refill. PERMANENT adhesive cartridge 2" wide. Cartridge fits all Xyron 250 Create-A-Sticker machines and the Hasbro Stickerizer. Permanent adhesive. 20 feet in length.

    AT255-20Each: $10.99Save in quantity: $10.99, 2/$18.00, 4/$27.96
    Click to enlargeXyron 250 Refill Cartridge - Repositionable - AT256-20Xyron 250 Sticker maker basic adhesive cartridge refill. Repositionable (removable) adhesive cartridge 2" wide. This cartridge fits all Xyron 250 machines and the Hasbro Stickerizer. This cartridge refill replacement also replaces the cartridges found in: Awesome Ocean, Fun Farm, Super Space, Creative Keepsakes and Dreamy Decor kits. Non permanent adhesive. 20' in length.

    AT256-20Each: $10.99Save in quantity: $10.99, 2/$18.00, 4/$27.96

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