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Creatopia from Xyron. Cut, Laminate or Make Stickers.

Creatopia Machine 12"Creatopia Machine 12"
Creatopia Machine. Applies Adhesive. Cuts. Embosses. Patterns. Shapes. Arts. Crafts. Home. School. Creative Fun - Creatopia! Applies 3 kinds of adhesive, plus, it can laminate! 12 inches wide, so even 12x12 scrapbookers can have whole page projects that are finished with ease. Decorative blades for fancy trimming, embossing roller options for texturing to the max. Sticks. Cuts. Embosses. Laminates. The Creatopia by Xyron is ready to take your crafting to the next level.

Creatopia Laminating Refill - ProtectzCreatopia Laminating Refill - Protectz
Two side laminate refill Protecz cartridge for Xyron Creatopia System laminates both sides at once, up to 12 inches wide. Great to protect your important papers, recipe cards and other projects with a plastic laminate. No worries about spills or tears. Acid Free and no heat needed. Just crank the handle. 12 inches wide by 40 feet long.

3502-01-40Factory Direct: $29.99Save on two or more: $29.99, 2/$47.50, 4/$88.00
Creatopia Permanent Adhesive Refill Creatopia Permanent Adhesive Refill
Creatopia Adhesive Refillz - Permanent Adhesive Cartridge - "Stickz". Use in all Xyron Creatopia machines. 12 inches wide 40 feet long.

AT3502-05-40 $29.99Save on two or more: $25.49, 2/$49.98, 4/$95.96
Creatopia Repositionable Adhesive RefillCreatopia Repositionable Adhesive Refill
Repositionable Adhesve Refill Cartridge for Xyron Creatopia System. Repositionable Stickz Refill applies removable adhesive backing to a multitude of items with your Creatopia Multifunction Xyron. 12 inches wide by 40 feet long.

AT3502-06-40Factory Direct: $29.99Save on two or more: $25.49, 2/$49.98, 4/$95.96
Creatopia Fabric Adhesive RefillCreatopia Fabric Adhesive Refill
Fabric Adhesive Cartridge Refill for Creatopia Machines by Xyron. Designed for crafters working with fabrics such as quilting and embroidery. Won't gunk up the needle of your embroidery machine. Applies an even repositionable adhesive to your fabric with a crank of the handle. 12 inches wide, this cartridge has 40 feet of adhesive. Fabric Adhesive is repositionable with fabric-to-fabric use, but adheres more aggressively on other surfaces. Great with fabric, but YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WORKING WITH Fabric to use this cartridge! Works great with paper, just like the other adhesives!

Discontinued Item. ONLY A FEW LEFT! Sales limited to quantities on hand

Creatopia Accessories
Expand your Creatopia Possibilities!

Creatopia Cutz Starter Unit
Creatopia Shapez
Border Patternz Starter Unit
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Cardmaker Type
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Wave
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Straight
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Fun
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Scallop
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Hearts
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Dots
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Fleur-De-Lis
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Swirls
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Dots
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Hearts
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Scallop
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Stars
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Floral
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Paw Prints

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